Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day treats for your vegan valentine.

Welcome to your Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away so it’s time to start thinking about what you might want to pick up for yourself (you work hard you deserve a treat!) or your vegan Valentine!

I shopped around at four different stores so you don’t have to! I browsed each store to find the best treats for a vegan Valentine. After trying all of the treats with my husband (yup I tried them ALL, no shame here) I set up my camera and got to snapping shots of my finds to share with you!

Please know that I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blog post. All items were purchased on my own dime to bring you these delicious treats!

What stores should you shop?

I shopped at two local stores & two more common grocery stores to find these goods, this way hopefully most of you reading can get your hands on some of these treats! Many of the brands also include the option to ship to you in case you aren’t local to one of these shops!

The stores I shopped:


Superstore has always been one of my go-to grocery stores, they carry so many vegan alternatives and have even made a line of President’s Choice plant based products of their own! Here are two items worth grabbing for your vegan Valentine:

These Free2b Sunflower Butter Cups were not new to my husband and I. I’ll often grab them while shopping at Superstore to have around the house because sometimes you just need chocolate! They are a great vegan alternative to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They offer both chocolate and dark chocolate cups so everyone can get what they like (team dark chocolate over here!!). I grabbed the regular size cups as well as a bag of their mini cups. All of their products are vegan, gluten free, and peanut free. They ship to Canada and the U.S. and are currently offering free shipping on orders over $49. They are also readily available at stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

If you or someone you love is a fan of raspberry, you are going to want to pick up a few of these Theobroma batons. The smooth dark chocolate with real raspberry chunks is a surefire winner. I was really excited to find out that Theobroma opened Canada’s first organic chocolate processing plant back in 2008. They have been around a hot minute and definitely know what they are doing when it comes to chocolate! Only their dark chocolate products are vegan but they have many different dark chocolate options. All of their products are made in a peanut free facility and many of them are gluten free. They offer free shipping to Canada for orders over $60.

The Grinning Goat

This was my first time at The Grinning Goat and I can tell you it definitely will not be my last! If you are local to Calgary be sure to stop by and check them out. They offer free shipping to Canada and the U.S. for orders over $75 so don’t overlook them in your search for the best vegan finds! I got my hands on the most beautiful hand made vegan Valentine’s Day treats:

Cupid's Kisses in a white box.
Sjaak’s Cupid’s Kisses – vegan white chocolate filled with almond butter and coconut flakes

How gorgeous are these vegan white chocolates? It almost hurt to eat them because they are so beautiful. Let me tell you their taste did not disappoint either! Sjaak’s offers so many different hand made, vegan and organic chocolates you are going to want to check them out. Their site mentions they are only available for shipping to the U.S. so if you are in Canada order through The Grinning Goat to get your hands on these beauties.

The Sweetheart is a vegan take on the classic chocolate heart but so much better because this one is filled with crunchy peanut butter. I savoured every bite of these delicious dark chocolate hearts.

Sjaak’s rich fudgy truffles have been the highlight of my afternoons – try pairing these melt in your mouth truffles with an afternoon coffee (seriously the best!).

Squish vegan Kiss Kiss candy on a pink parchment.
SquishVegan Kiss Kiss

These Vegan Kiss Kiss candies have to win the cutest vegan Valentine’s Day candy find. They are literally shaped like lips! So cute. The flavours are watermelon, cherry and grape. My husband and I really enjoyed them, you don’t have to be a kid to love candy!

Squish was founded in Montreal in 2014 and has a crazy amount of candies (their site mentions over 100). Not all their candy is vegan but their vegan options are plentiful. Check the vegan treats page out here. They regularly offer free shipping on orders over $50 to Canada and on orders over $80 to the U.S. They are also currently offering free shipping on orders over $20 for Valentine’s Day so be sure to check them out!


Everyone’s familiar with Walmart and their great prices! I don’t often think of Walmart when hunting for vegan products but I decided it would be a great stop for the Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Guide because so many of us have a Walmart nearby. I was a bit sad to walk through my local Walmart’s Valentine’s Day aisles and find not a single vegan Valentine’s Day item. Browsing through the regular aisles proved more fruitful, I stumbled upon a few items that were definitely worth picking up so I left happy after my initial fear of leaving without any treats:

Magnum non-dairy dark chocolate almond ice cream next to a flower.
Magnum – Non-Dairy Almond Bar

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream!! It’s never the wrong season for ice cream. If you or your Valentine are fans of ice cream don’t sleep on Magnum’s Non-Dairy Almond Bars. The Belgian chocolate shell is worth tasting. My local Walmart also had Magnum’s Non-Dairy Classic Bars if almond isn’t your thing.

Tangy Zangy has made new products that are vegan! These gelatin & gluten free candies reminded my husband and I of Maynard’s Sour Cherry Blasters. They are perfect for someone who likes sweet and tart treats! Tangy Zangy has a few other new vegan candies but I was only able to find the sour Raspberries at my local Walmart. If you are lucky your Walmart might have a few other gelatin & gluten free options by Tangy Zangy.

Bridgeland Market

Last but certainly not least is Bridgeland Market. This is a grocery store local to Calgary, Alberta that sells unique and fresh products! The small and cozy shop is located in the community of Bridgeland. Calgarians be sure to check it out if you haven’t been before. They sell amazing flowers if you are wanting to grab some for your vegan Valentine!

Dark chocolate with unbelievably delicious flavour and gorgeous packaging! I tried both the Coconut & Raspberry Dark Chocolate and the Mandarin & Ginger Dark Chocolate. Both were delectable! Seed and Bean produces ethically sourced and handmade chocolates in England. Not all their chocolates are vegan but many of them are. Here you can find all their vegan options. If you are from the U.K. you can order from their site which provides free shipping for orders over £20. They do ship internationally but have currently paused this due to Covid.

These Vanilla Bean & Raspberry Mallow Puffs are an insanely tasty treat! They are the perfect amount of marshmallow to chocolate ratio. The raspberry ones reminded me a bit of a Viva Puff vegan alternative. They also have a third flavour Salted Caramel that I am certainly going to add to my list of treats to try because the two flavours I tried were downright delicious. Bridgeland Market is not nearby thankfully Mallow Puffs are sold at various locations across the globe!! Click here to view the location closest to you! All Mallow Puff products are vegan (YAY)!

Pink fluffy Mallow Puff on a pink surface.
Raspberry Mallow Puff

I hope this Vegan Valentine’s Day gift guide has helped you decide what you will be treating yourself or your vegan Valentine with this February 14th!

I often like to share on my insta stories some of the interesting, delicious and don’t bother buying items I purchase to help you navigate the massive amounts of vegan products becoming available to us in a short amount of time (yay for vegan foods becoming more popular!) Be sure to follow @shesplantpowererd on Instagram to get a behind the scene’s look at my grocery shopping finds to see if you are missing out on some vegan alternatives to your favourite foods!

Please let me know in the comments below some of your favourite finds for vegan Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day




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