I’m so happy you’re here!

You’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet where I like to share vegan (& mostly gluten-free) recipes with you! I’m passionate about eating good food and finding vegan alternatives to meat, dairy and egg products. If you let yourself get creative in the kitchen you’ll find you can make any meal vegan! Let’s get creative together and help do our part for the planet at the same time! Welcome to She’s Plant Powered!

Steph from She's Plant Powered

A little bit about me.

I’m Steph – your foodie gal pal! I love spending time in the kitchen testing out new recipes or putting my twist on a classic. I’m in for all things food & drink – I love browsing Pinterest for a good recipe to try, reading & learning about food, cooking for my friends & family and of course going out to eat (& drink)! One of my newer passions is photography! My husband gifted me with a camera for Christmas in 2020 and I’ve been taking pictures of my food ever since.

A little more.

If I am not experimenting in the kitchen you can find me spending time with my nose in a book or binge-watching Netflix with my husband and our two cats Loki & Bane. I absolutely love listening to music; chances are if I am in the kitchen there is music blasting and I’m dancing (& singing terribly). I have an addiction to house plants. I stand firm in my belief that there is no such thing as too many plants!

What will I find on She’s Plant Powered?

The recipes on this blog are all vegan but all eaters are welcome. Many of the recipes I share are gluten-free because my husband is celiac (allergic to gluten). You can expect new recipes a few times a month to keep things interesting in the kitchen. I have so much planned to share with you! Check back often & subscribe to the She’s Plant Powered newsletter for recipes, updates & behind the scenes!

Vegan recipes under 30 minutes